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Unlike the many platforms out there where individuals make measly profit from either selling or buying, all of our clients profit massively from both the bear and bullish run of the crypto market. We make our clients benefit from both dips and pumps.

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Do you want to hodl bitcoin but don’t know how to go about it? Don’t worry, we have professional crypto account managers who will help you tend to your panics and fears and tell you when to buy and sell. Alpha Trader AI is with you every step of the way.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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I came into crypto with barely any knowledge. Barely five months with Alpha Trader AI, I’d made about 10000% on my Bitcoin portfolio with Alpha Trader AI . There was that one time when we went against the market sentiment and netted about 700% in profit in just one day. Alpha Trader AI is one of those platforms I fully endorse and stamp.

Lex Aldrin

There used to be a time I thought crypto was influenced by men like Elon and the rest. My manager would always tell me the market is bigger than their influences and it’s been true with Alpha Trader AI. We’ve ride dips so long they pumped again. My confidence as a trader has been strengthened by Alpha Trader AI. It’s why I trust them to be in charge of my portfolio.

Mimiko Dells

I dare you to find me another platform out there that makes money for you in more than three ways consistently. I can’t count how many times my friends’ accounts got wiped out completely while I didn’t even feel a dent in mine. The managers are so disciplined they don’t panic trade.

Foluke Dabira