Lock in opportunities with options across different asset classes

Trade options on stocks, indices, interest rates, futures and commodities

Access options from 23 exchanges worldwide as a flexible alternative to trading the underlying securities, while providing a higher potential return at a fixed risk.

Optimise your options trading with dedicated tools across devices

Option chain

Get all the relevant information at a glance and in real time, so you can trade directly from the option chain

Strategy builder

Combine multi-legged orders into your own strategy or choose from a variety of preset strategies

Roll option

Act fast on market moves with an easy options rolling feature to extend your strategy 

Integrated risk data

Stay on top of your positions at each step with Greeks delta, gamma, theta, vega, rho

Buy stock options from USD 1.25 on Nasdaq, FTSE 250 and other global exchanges

Trading options at our Company

Depending on your account value and experience, you can either:

Buy options

By default, you can only buy options with our Company. Because selling options involves a much greater potential risk, we only enable buying options as standard to help you control the amount of risk you take.

Buy and sell options

If you want to sell options you must have an account value of over USD 5,000 and give a written acknowledgement of the risks involved. Selling options also comes with margin benefit


Build a balanced portfolio with stocks and more, all in our Company

Investing in stocks goes hand in hand with trading options. Your Company account gives you access to 30,000+ stocks across 60+ exchanges worldwide, so it’s simple to diversify your investments.


Let experts trade for you

Invest in a portfolio managed by market experts to target the highest long-term returns for your risk appetite.