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To Trade the Top-performing Stocks in the Global Stock Markets.

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Direct market access

Gain direct access to all the globe’s major stock markets across Europe, North America and Asia. Over 30,000 stocks.

Advanced technology advantage

As a Alpha Trader AI, you have exclusive access to advanced trading technologies that will give you an edge over your counterparts.

World-class execution

Feel free to trade small, medium or large-cap stocks available in multiple currencies easily. Do all these and experience fast execution.

A vastly experienced broker

Fifteen years of analyzing the top-performing stock markets have afforded us the rare quality of knowing what’s best for our clients.

Unbeatable stock commissions as low as $0.01

We offer three levels of pricing depending on your account tier.

Exchange Classic Platinum VIP
0.02 USD

min. 7 USD
0.015 USD

min. 5 USD
0.01 USD

min. 1 USD
New York Stock Exchange
0.02 USD

min. 7 USD
0.02 USD

min. 7 USD
0.02 USD

min. 7 USD
Singapore Exchange

min. 25 SGD

min. 20 SGD

min. 15 SGD

Trade stocks in over 80 markets.

Access and trade in over 30,000 stocks in the top-performing global stock markets.

(*) Elective professionals have access to the full range of the above ETF instruments, while retail clients have access to a limited amount of ETFs based on the Key Information Documents (“KID”) availability in your country of residence. You can read more about the criteria, pros and cons and how to recategorize your account here

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Take your stock trading to the next profitable level with a high-grade and experienced broker.

Trade Futures and experience world-class execution, access to all major futures exchanges.

Trade Bonds on Alpha Trader AI with guaranteed low commission and incisive analytic tools.

Trade the biggest ETF markets in the world with more than 6000 ETFs from 30+ exchanges.

Take your stock trading to the next profitable level with a high-grade and experienced broker.

Trade Futures and experience world-class execution, access to all major futures exchanges.

Trade Bonds on Citation Invest with guaranteed low commission and incisive analytic tools.

Trade the biggest ETF markets in the world with more than 6000 ETFs from 30+ exchanges..

Crypto Staking

Gain Interests on Your Crypto Assets While You HODL.

Through Alpha Trader AI staking service, users can enjoy awesome benefits simply by owning crypto assets. The staking service allows users secured and guaranteed growth on their crypto assets investment.

Understanding Crypto Staking

Staking is a way to put your crypto to work and earn rewards on it. It is a great way to use your crypto assets to increase your crypto holdings, especially because some cryptocurrencies offer high-interest rates for staking. The staking process is carried out by Alpha Trader AI on behalf of the user. It’s like earning interest on money.

Benefits of Staking With Alpha Trader AI

Consistent payout

First, the process is straightforward and secure. Staking rewards are given out to users monthly, in the supported crypto asset. The user only has to wait conveniently for the reward payout.

Reliable service

The whole staking process is carried out on behalf of the user securely and productively. We take great care to protect our users’ crypto assets against exposure to any additional risks. In turn, we charge a tiny fee from the earnings for operational costs involved. 

Ownership retention

Although Alpha Trader AI would be executing the staking process on behalf of the user, the user would continue to have 100% ownership of the crypto asset.

Cryptoasset Reward percentage of the monthly staking yield, per level Cryptoasset intro days
Bronze members, all US users
Silver, Gold, Platinum Club members
Diamond, Platinum+ Club members
Cardano (ADA)
9 staking intro days (rewards begin on 10th day of holding)
Tron (TRX)
7 staking intro days (reward begin on 8th day of holding)
Ethereum (ETH)*
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Who can receive staking rewards?

For a Alpha Trader AI user to be eligible to receive staking rewards, the following will have to apply. A user must hold any of the supported crypto assets on Alpha Trader AI. The positions need to have stayed open for a certain number of days. According to the blockchain network of the particular crypto asset, this may vary, as shown in the table above.

Every user can rely completely on our transparency throughout the staking process. This obliges Alpha Trader AI to give a precise rundown on how the calculation of the monthly entitlement regarding the distribution of rewards is done.

A daily snapshot of each user’s holdings is taken each day at 00:00 GMT. This shows each user’s eligible staking units for all of their open positions.

At the end of each month, the total of all the month’s snapshots is divided according to the number of days in the month, producing an average daily amount.

The average daily amount is the basic amount on which the calculations are made to get the individual user’s monthly reward. The monthly yield percentage per crypto asset is calculated, and then the applicable Club member percentage is added to the calculation.

The amount of a reward must be of a value that is no less than 1 USD.

A convenient, award-winning stock trading platform

Trade stocks with our unique suite of advanced tools and award-winning trading platform.

Indicative, power-packed platform

A wide range of technical indicators coupled with innovative risk management tools is incorporated on our platform for your benefit

Access up to 30,000 stocks

Access up to 30,000 stock offerings from up to 80 stock markets. Trade stocks, bonds, ETFs, futures, listed options and other leveraged products from a single multi-asset trading account.

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We execute stock orders using smart order routing (SOR) technology, which sources liquidity from multiple venues, including regulated exchanges and MTFs, to optimise execution rates and fill ratios.

Get an overview of our available market data subscription services here
You can use a percentage of your stocks’ value as margin collateral to increase your market exposure when trading leveraged products. To see a complete list of available stocks and ETFs, along with their collateral values, click here.
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24-Hours client assistance

Round the clock customer service

All the help you need to clear the air on any account issues or technical jams you encounter.

Smart, expert account managers

Friendly multi-lingual account managers whenever you want to inquire about the status of your managed account.

Integrated digital training resources

Current educational resources to impart you with relevant trading insights. Webinars, videos, articles and guides by our expert trading partners.

Exclusive VIP services

Receive our very best prices, priority support and exclusive event invitations.

Regulated and licensed broker

Regulated across jurisdictions

Alpha Trader AI conforms to the applicable financial laws and regulations of all the countries in which it operates across America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Strong financial base

Over the years, we have built a stable financial base with a robust balance sheet. Our clients cut across 170 countries. Over 10 billion USD trade volume daily.

15 years experience

Within 15 years, we’ve built an exemplary industry reputation in helping investors to invest safely and correctly. Our awards are for our superb platform, products and services.

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Stocks Risk Warning

Stocks are categorised as yellow or red products depending on the individual instrument.
Danish banks are required to categorise investment products offered to retail clients depending on the product’s complexity and risk as: green, yellow or red. For further information click here