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We’ve eliminated commissions and custody fees to make sure you get the most out of your savings. You only pay the management fee when you invest in mutual funds with Alpha Trader AI.

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Our wide selection of funds provides access to the expertise of some of the world’s largest investors, such as AXA, BlackRock and Goldman Sachs. If you need a bit of inspiration to get started, here are just some of the funds available.

Franklin Templeton Biotechnology Discovery


Managed by one of the largest investment managers in the world, the Franklin Templeton fund enables you invest in the new frontiers of biotechnology.

Janus Henderson Horizon Global Property


The Janus Henderson Horizon Global Property Equities Fund is a broadly diversified portfolio of companies offering exposure to property and real estate.

Pinebridge India Equity


Want to invest in India but don’t have the time to choose your own stocks? With the India Equity Fund, Pinebridge’s experts carefully do the stock selection for you.

BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Debt


Join an investment industry giant in emerging market debt. Bank of New York Mellon has outperformed benchmark for years with this highly specialised fund.

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Funds can be traded online at any time; funds are forward-priced and the execution will only occur at the next available valuation point for the fund.

The valuation point is determined by the fund but is generally European afternoon each working day.

By submitting a Subscription or Redemption request on the platform an investor enters into a binding buy/sell order; the price and execution will normally take place at the next valuation point.


Unlike shares, funds are usually traded once per day.

Each fund has a valuation point, normally at European afternoon each working day. At this time the fund Manager will calculate the value per unit based on the value of the underlying investments. This is the price at which units are bought and sold. And reflects accurate value of underlying investments at the time of calculation.

Requesting a trade means the order is held until the next valuation point.

Therefore, an investor will not know the price at which the trade is executed as it will be determined in the future – based on the value of the underlying assets in the fund at the next valuation point i.e on a forward basis.


All the funds offered by Alpha Trader AI can be traded daily, however when investing into funds the time horizon suggested is usually of a greater investment horizon.

Funds are traded directly with the fund manager.

The fund manager will create or redeem units based on the daily transactions within the fund. Therefore, the number of units in circulation will fluctuate day to day.

Investors will receive fractional units as allocation based on the valuation of the underlying assets.


The price you will see on the platform for a fund in the trade ticket is the last known NAV price.

Funds are forward-priced and the price received for a buy or sell will not be known until after execution with the fund manager.

Timing a trade in respect of intra-day movements of the underlying investments is extremely difficult.

The purpose of a fund is to fulfil a long-term investment objective, not day trading. Horizon is typically years rather than weeks and months.


Alpha Trader AI will charge you zero commission & zero custody fees when investing in Funds. We are able to do this as, like other providers, we are paid a modest retrocession fee from the fund provider.

When investing in mutual funds you will pay a management fee to the fund provider, which can vary from fund to fund.


A wide range of the most active and liquid government and corporate bonds in Europe, US, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, as well as a limited number of Latin American bonds – in total more than 5,000 bonds – are available for online bond trading.

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