Joint account

Want to combine finances with your spouse, business partner, or friend? Try our Joint Account.

Joint status allows:

1 The ability to pool resources together

2 Full access when all owners are alive or after the demise of one partner

3 No probate. The account can be passed directly to the surviving partner

Equal rights and access

Both owners have equal rights and access to the account.

As long as you have similar financial goals, you can open a Joint Account on Alpha Trader AI and start investing together on equal status.

Alpha Trader AI Joint Account

Our Joint account allows two or more account holders listed on it. This account allows two or more people to have control of an investment account, enabling them to do trades, make deposits and withdrawals, and take other actions related to their investments.

Benefits of our Joint Account

  • With our Joint Account, you can work together to save and invest toward a common goal. Together, you can save for a new home, plan for retirement, or simply look to grow your money, you can pool your resources together to help you reach your goals faster.
  • With our Joint Account, you can combine your money for investing purposes. But, you can decide to have one person among yourselves with more financial savvy manage the account. This approach is a smart option if one person wants to invest, but prefers to be more hands-off.
  • If you have our Joint Account and you pass away, the account will pass to your beneficiary through your will. No probate process as we have reduced the processes involved for the account to be passed to your partner.
  • You can invest in different types of securities, such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), individual stocks, and bonds, etc. To open a Alpha Trader AI Joint Account, you only need basic personal and financial information about each account holder.

Joint client margin rates

FX (majors)
FX (majors)
Index (majors)
Index (minors)
From 4.00%
rom 25:1

Use securities as collateral

As our Joint Account client, you can take out a percentage of your shareholdings for use as collateral for margin trading.

Reasons to choose Alpha Trader AI

Best prices

Alpha Trader AI offers the best spreads and the lowest broker commissions obtainable across all our asset classes. No inactivity fees.

15 years experience

Over the years, we’ve built an exemplary industry reputation in helping investors to invest safely and correctl

Power-packed platform

A wide range of technical indicators coupled with innovative risk management tools is incorporated on our platform for your benefit.

24-Hour client assistance

Friendly multi-lingual account managers whenever you want to inquire about the status of your Alpha Trader AI account.

Frequently asked questions

Alpha Trader AI Joint Account enables two people to save and progress toward investment goals together. Both holders in a joint account have joint ownership of the assets in the account and can create goals, transfer funds from the linked checking account, make allocation changes, and view the account.

First, create an individual Alpha Trader AI account. Remember, you do not have to fund your Individual Account, and you can delete it afterwards without any fees or penalties. After you’ve created your Individual Account, you can proceed to open a Joint Account.

The account holder that opened the joint account is designated as the primary account holder. However, note that a Alpha Trader AI Joint Account is legally owned by both parties associated with the account.

Our Joint Account can be opened with any investment partner of your choosing, and you do not need to be married. Your partner could be someone you’re in a long-term relationship with, your married spouse, your child, your friend, your business partner, etc. As long as you both have a shared financial goal.

You can only have one joint account at a time. Should you ever need to open a new joint account with a new person, you can simply close your old one.

More of the questions you might have can be answered by our expert client assistants. Chat with us.

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